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Mistakes To Avoid While Cooking Crown Fried Chicken

What comes to your mind when you hear the word ‘Fried chicken’? Do you get the vision of a delicious meal that you had with your loved ones from your favorite restaurant? Fried chicken is an all-time favorite food and everyone would have their beautiful memories of munching the best-fried chicken from the best restaurants

Making fried chicken at home

Inspired by the Crown fried chicken I had at a restaurant in Philadelphia, New York, I have experimented to imitate the flavor of crown fried chicken at home and I succeeded after multiple efforts.

If you are cooking chicken for the first time, many things can go wrong. Poor cooking may result in unevenly cooked chicken, it might lack flavor, it can become soggy and you may not get a crispy crunch. Luckily, here are some tried and tested methods that would help you prepare a recipe that you get in most of the crown fried chicken restaurants.

Mistake #1.

Don’t fry the chicken when it’s cold

It’s good to store meat and poultry in the freezer, but you need to set the meat to room temperature before you start cooking. It is acceptable to wait 30 minutes to 1 hour before frying. This ensures your chicken is evenly cooked and has a rich texture.

Note: If you transfer the cold meat to the hot frying pan, it will reduce the temperature of the oil resulting in uneven cooking.

Mistake #2

Soak the chicken before cooking

The acidic mixture of lime, buttermilk, and ginger can enhance the taste of the chicken. This trick has been followed by restaurants for ages. The crown fried chicken restaurants use this trick to keep their meat moist and tender. The long soak in the liquid helps the chicken to become tender. The longer you soak, the better it cooks. To prepare the best homemade Crown fried chicken, you can soak them for long hours.

Mistake #3

Which part of chicken do you wish to cook?

The drumstick is the best part to cook, however, you can fry the whole bird. You can cook thighs, wings and even breasts. Try to cook in batches and do not mix up the parts. Wings can fry quickly while breasts take a bit longer.

Mistake #4

Do not omit the breading

If you have tried fried chicken restaurants in Brooklyn, New York, you will love the crunchy coating. The breading is the real success of crown fried chicken. It creates a crispy layer. Whatever the recipe tries using the crunchy coat and you are good to go!

Mistake #5

Deep frying is not the real trick

You don’t have to deep fry the chicken to get the best taste. Make use of the right kitchenware and use the best oil to fry the chicken. I’d recommend you to use a large cast-iron skillet. You can also try baking and grilling chicken to get the right flavor.

Mistake #6

What type of oil have you got in your kitchen?

You must realize that not every oil is suitable for frying. Some oil boils slowly and the rest reaches the smoking point at a certain temperature. You need to maintain 350 degrees Fahrenheit and I bet not all the oil can withstand the heat. Understand the smoke points of various oils and choose the best one that’s good for you.

Mistake #7

Heat can’t be too low or too high

The chicken has to be fried in the normal temperature so ensure your pan is not too high or too low. It is better to use an instant thermometer to check the temperature of the oil while cooking. Initially, it might help you to cook delicious chicken.

Finally, when the fried chicken is ready, do not blot the excess oil, which can make the chicken dry. If you try to remove the oil by wrapping the chicken in a kitchen towel, it can create a moisture which might soften the chicken. Avoid a kitchen towel and serve its hot.

Making a perfect fried chicken is definitely possible and if you find it difficult, I’d suggest you keep trying. Hope you liked this and I’m sure you will avoid these mistakes to prepare the best chicken.

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